#24 Secure your Application with Let's Encrypt (TLS + Nginx + Certbot)

In this lesson I will show you how easy it is to secure HTTP (that is to use HTTPS instead of HTTP). The central character here is certbot - which is command line tool for Let's Encrypt CA. As usually there will be little theory and some practice - so that you can understand the concept easier.

Amazingly enough, there are just 3 commands to activate HTTPS for your current application:

$ sudo apt-get install certbot python-certbot-nginx
$ sudo certbot certonly --nginx
$ sudo certbot install --nginx

First command installs certbot client and its nginx module (python-certbot-nginx module know how to make changes to your nginx configurations). Second command registers the certificates for all sites found in /etc/nginx/sites-available (or whichever you pick up). The last command makes necessary changes in nginx configuration files for you.

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