Mission Statement

My mission is to create informative, practical and easy to understand screencasts on a wide range of topics from Django Web Framework ecosystem. Subjects like deployments, python programming, message queues are presented in simple language with lots of pictures, realistic usecases and to the point content.

I prepare meticulously each screencast to save your time on learning, help you understand and apply learned skills in your projects.

Eugen Ciur, Django Lessons

For Mid-Level Developers

After you skimmed Django documentation, watched a couple of YouTube videos, completed a few simple projects, maybe you even landed in couple of python jobs - it starts to be more and more challenging to improve your skills. You will realize (like me) that there are less and less resources for intermediate developers. Django Lessons fills in this gap. It targets intermediate software developers who want to improve their skills about Django, Python, Web and cloud software in general.

To some extent it might be useful to beginners and well.