Payments with Django

This is a mini course about payments with Django. Although it is very short (less than 1 hour in total) in contains a lot of useful information, which will save you days (maybe weeks) of searches to figure out the whole payment thingy. Demo project used in this course.

  • #1 General Overview

    What actually means to perform a payment with Django ? What are the important points to consider ? This lesson introduces you to the topic of payments. We also discuss here what is the general approach when integrating with payment gateways.

  • #2 Stripe - Design Basic Payment Flows

    This lesson introduces Stripe. Stripe is very popular online payment solution. It has a very rich and elegant API, but it is easy to get confused of what part fits where. In this lesson I introduce basic concepts. In this part we focus on the JavaScript part.

  • #3 3D Secure Payments with Stripe

    This lesson introduces so called Strong Customer Authentication (or 3D Secure Payments). We will complete the flow of recurring payments / subscription based payments in context of 3D Secure payments.

  • #4 Paypal

    This lesson adds Paypal payments part to Video Store application. In less than 20 minutes you will learn about all steps required to include PayPal based recurring payments in your Django projects.